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  • Ans. yes,for wholesale orders, the minimum quantity required for purchase is 10 units.

Ans. Our accepted payment mode is via bank transfer.

Ans. We stock iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices.

Ans. Absolutely, all our products are backed by a 14-day credit note warranty.i.e all products sold by the company are covered by a warranty period of 14 days. If there's an issue with the product within those 14 days, the company will provide a credit note that can be used for future purchases, rather than providing a direct refund or replacement. It's a form of assurance for customers regarding the quality of the products they are purchasing.

Ans. If payment is received before 2pm, we ship out parcels the following day within the UK.

Ans. Our reach knows no bounds! We proudly supply our products around the globe. From Europe to Asia and Middle East to Africa Discount Bulk Phones delivers quality wherever you are.

Ans. We cater to internet resellers, market traders, independent phone shops, and insurance companies.

Ans. Discount Bulk Phones the finest sellers of secondhand phones in Manchester. Discount Bulk Phones recognizes the worth of perfectly functional phones that might be considered "outdated" in terms of style. We also offer defective phones for supply. Need pre-owned phones for your shop? You're in the correct spot.

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