The Storage Choices For The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra WILL Span From 128GB To 2TB.

The rumor mill surrounding the upcoming Galaxy S24 series has been buzzing with excitement, particularly thanks to @Tech_Reve on X who seems to be on a roll with insights. A recent report from this tipster sheds light on the storage choices anticipated for the Galaxy S24 Ultra next year – and it's a mix of both promising and concerning news.

The bright side is that the device is expected to offer a substantial internal storage capacity of up to 2TB, catering to even the most demanding users' needs. However, the not-so-great news is that the base memory variant might stick to 8GB/128GB – a configuration that might not feel sufficient for a phone in this premium category. Interestingly, even mid-range devices are now embracing 256GB as their starting storage capacity.

This scenario could be a bit challenging, especially since the Galaxy S23 Ultra kicks off with an 8GB/256GB setup. That said, if Samsung decides to lower the introductory price for the S24 Ultra featuring the 8GB/128GB configuration, it could potentially balance things out. On a positive note, the 256GB option is expected to come paired with 12GB of RAM this time around.

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