Samsung Partners With Rising Young Artists To Design Exclusive 'Galaxy Z' Accessories, Exclusively Offered On Samsung.Com

Samsung has teamed up with promising Korean artists who are making waves worldwide – Haydonna, Yeseul O, and Lee Eun. This collaboration brings an exclusive touch to, offering customers a unique way to express their style with the new Galaxy Z series devices. The artists, known for their vibrant and uplifting art, channel the positive voices of the younger generation.

Making the experience truly special, Haydonna brings her dynamic graphics and joyful style to the design of the Galaxy Z Fold5 case, featuring her iconic "Fluffy Friends" characters. Yeseul O, known for her innovative art that combines 3D, augmented reality (AR), and metaverse elements, and Lee Eun, celebrated for her captivating paintings bursting with vibrant colors, both contributed to Galaxy Z Flip5 cases. Yeseul O's endearing character "Metabun_ny" reflects life's small joys, while Lee Eun's designs carry messages of encouragement.

For the Galaxy Z Flip5, Yeseul O and Lee Eun's art is transformed into animated designs using near-field communication (NFC) technology, delivering an immersive experience. By inserting the "Flipsuit card" with NFC tech into the case, users can enjoy the animation of the card on the Galaxy Z Flip5's external screen, adding a delightful touch to their devices.

Samsung's partnership with these artists for Galaxy Z series accessories embodies the concept of "Wholesomeness," which seeks to promote positivity, kindness, empathy, and inclusivity – values that stand in contrast to negativity and confrontation.

Evelyn Kim, Executive Vice President of the D2C Center at Samsung Electronics, remarked, "Our aim is to create a unique and diverse experience for customers using Beyond collaborating with emerging artists on new foldable products, we will continue to foster partnerships with brands and experts across various domains to enhance our product range, spanning from TVs to home appliances."

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